Queen’s University International Student Chapter of the ACS (Q-ACS)

Q-ACS, initiated and led by a group of (inter)national (under)graduate students, contributes to the vitality of Queen’s University’s Department of Chemistry in many ways. The Chapter’s mission is to 1) promote current and former students, staff, faculty, and the department as a whole, 2) organize professional development events for students and postdocs, 3) establish travel awards and outreach activities, and 4) facilitate diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect (DEIR).

Q-ACS was recognized as an Outstanding Student Chapter for the 2022-2023 year on the basis of the Chapter’s activities and programs. Each year, ACS Student Chapters across the world are ranked by the ACS Society Committee on Education (SOCED) as Outstanding, Commendable, and Honorable. For the 2022-23 year, Q-ACS was ranked in the top category of Outstanding. In total, 71 ACS Student Chapters were highlighted as Outstanding, 122 as Commendable, and 135 with Honorable Mentions.